The Best Luxury Clothing Brands to Sell

In the fashion world, there are a lot of names gaining popularity among fashion aficionados. Getting at least a piece is sure to fulfill a fashion enthusiast’s dreams, which you can make a reality if you happen to have one unused at home. Among the many luxury brands available on the market, which of them are sure to sell?


Most consignment shops saw that people are most likely to buy Hermes from them, and it’s not that hard to see why: each piece, bags and clothes alike, are created by one artisan from start to finish, ensuring that buyers receive only the best item(s).


Along with Hermes, Gucci is among the most popular choices in a consignment shop. Gucci is considered a forerunner in the fashion industry, and has a brand value of $7 billion. Upon its establishment in 1921, they sold only high-quality and fine-crafted leather goods.


A brand that started with a perfume and established by famed fashion designer Coco Chanel stayed true to her words that “luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not a luxury.” Chanel definitely changed the meaning of luxury, and made it almost synonymous to comfort.

Louis Vuitton

Nothing can really compare to having a Louis Vuitton wardrobe, the preferred label of most celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga. Louis Vuitton is undeniably the most successful in the fashion industry, and no other label had been able to replicate its success.


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