Tips on Downsizing Your Wardrobe

Downsizing your closet may not seem as glamorous as buying new pieces, but it can be downright beneficial for you. If you’re looking to scale your wardrobe down, read on.

Check your motivations – Downsizing isn’t easy—unless you explicitly know why you’re doing it. contributor Maria Fredgaard had to scale her wardrobe down for a single reason: she longed to travel, so she had to choose between renting out a bigger apartment to fit her stuff in or live smaller and be able to visit places she’s never been to. Personal reasons may differ, but you must have a definite motive for downsizing to begin with.

Plan everything up – Downscaling is a major undertaking. Starting without a goal can result to a mess, so it would be best to set things straight. You can set a specific goal (i.e. from about 100 pieces, go down half or even lower), or you can classify your clothes based on frequency of use and fit (if you haven’t used a piece in a long time or if it doesn’t fit anymore, it should go).

Know where to take your excess – If you have identified and separated clothes with value (i.e. designer pieces), try selling them to consignment stores. For less-valuable pieces, you can either give them to a friend, or donate them to a thrift shop. There’s a lot of options out there, so be sure to check them all out.


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