2014’s Best Carry-Over Trends

2014 is now long over, but it seems that some fashion trends remain strong. Indeed, trends come and go, but some have staying power, and the following trends prove it. Without further ado, here are the top 3 trends that are probably destined to last the entire 2015 and beyond:

Crop Tops

Crop tops have never been so classy. Pairing them with a pair of high waist pants and some heels is sure to turn heads everywhere you go. Getting its start in spring, crop top’s popularity extended through summer and didn’t go away even when the season got cold. The crop top trend is still going very strong.

Boyfriend Jeans

Super-skinny is out, and curves are in. Not really the property of your significant other, boyfriend jeans are casual pants that hang loose yet manage to make you look equally comfortable and stylish.


The style that never truly went away—leather became insanely versatile this year. Aside from the leather jackets, boots, and purses, leather shirts and pants were widely seen this year, from fashion runways to city streets. Soft, lightweight leather fabrics can make any ensemble look chic in an instant.

If you have any of the items mentioned above, especially designer ones, just sitting around in your closet, you might want to sell them for cash or consign them to a trusted online consignment store. There’s a high demand for these trendy apparel, so it won’t take long before your designer clothing becomes sweet cash.


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