Earn Some Cash for Your Autumn Fashion

It’s the season for bikinis, flip flops, and tank tops, but weeks from now you’ll have to start cleaning out your closet and prepare for fall. Perhaps, you’ve already received some catalogs from your favorite designer store, or strolled through the malls and browsed online stores to look for bargains. If you want to rid your wardrobe of some old fall items, why not put them up for consignment to get extra cash? Your underused, and unused items can be a great source of funding for the new bags, jackets, jeans, and boots you already have your eyes on.

Start sorting your wardrobe as early as now, and don’t wait for summer to end before you set your stuff up for sale. Consignment stores prepare for the next season in advance with the assumption that people do the same with their wardrobe. Items for sale have to be stored early, so if you come in a little late, your articles may no longer be accepted. Remember: sellers only accept what they know will sell. Not sure of what items to let go? Ask the owner for a list of brands and types of clothing and accessories that are very sellable to trim down your delivery.

Declutter your closet and earn some cash through consignment. Most stores will give you 50% of the selling price. Not bad if you’re really resolved on selling your least wanted items.


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