Busting Top Myths About Consignment Stores

Shopping in consignment stores seems like a good way of filling your closet with stylish yet economical finds. You may have heard of someone else’s horrible experience, however, and this is making you hesitant to try it out. You need to keep in mind that not all consignment stores are alike, and not all stories you hear are true. Here are the top three misconceptions about consignment stores, and the truth behind each one:

1 . The items are dirty and damaged.

Premier consignment shops, particularly those which specialize on designer resale, go through extensive screening to ensure that all the items they receive are freshly-laundered and in good, saleable condition.

2. The clothes are unattractive and out of style.

People consign their clothes for different reasons—they’ve lost weight, are relocating to another place, changing their fashion style, purchased the wrong item, or simply want new stuff without the guilt of putting their recently-bought clothes to waste. Many items have only been slightly used, and majority of the styles are classic.

3. Consignment stores are disorganized.

Most consignment stores are no different from big label stores. They use shelves, racks, mannequins, and stacks to keep their merchandise organized. Some even have online shops where you can see pictures of the items along with their prices.

Shopping for cheaper designer items in consignment stores can be a fun, thrilling experience. It’s all just a matter of finding the right shop.


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