Street Style Tips: Top Pants and Skirts to Avoid

You have a lot of choices when it comes to striking street style outfits. Be careful, though, to avoid the equally many fashion faux pas related to it. To guide you in picking out pieces from your wardrobe, here are the top pants and skirts to steer clear of (and the plausible solutions):

The “I-Got-Crazy-with-the-Scissors” Jeans

Ripped jeans are timeless parts of glam rock outfits, but if the pants are excessively shredded or destroyed, they don’t look timeless or glamorous at all.

Solution: Have fun with cool boyfriend jeans or the reemerging flare jeans.

Leggings and Nude Skinnies that Get You the Bad Kind of Stares

Wearing your trusty leggings as pants (with a t-shirt or any top with a short hem) or nude-colored skinny jeans can make a number of people give you a second look—but not for the right reasons. They’re seeing way too much of your curves with the leggings, and with the nude skinnies, it looks as if you forgot to put on pants when you stepped out of your house.

Solution: Look for jeans made with lightweight yet versatile fabrics like the many sleek, form-fitting jeans from designer resale shops.

The Sheers that Also Get You the Stink Eye

A lot of sheer pieces are still the stars of runways, Met Gala-type balls, and other red carpet events, but some—like sheer mesh pencil skirts with high-waist underwear—can attract the wrong kinds of double takes.

Solution: Be daring instead with cutout dresses or curve-loving pencil skirts.


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