Style Tips: Timeless Fashion Trends

Fashion comes and goes, but there are some pieces that will never go out of style. When you’re looking for clothes or accessories to purchase from online consignment stores, particularly those with a timeless appeal, here are some items that are considered must-haves no matter the year or season:

  • Little Black Dress – What better fashion item screams elegance than the little black dress? The true strength of this fashion legend, however, is its versatility; women can wear their LBD for almost all occasions and still be appropriately dressed.
  • Plain White Shirts – A very simple but flexible item in your dresser. It can easily be matched with any other item, and when worn alone can give a relaxed and laidback vibe.
  • The Pumps – This sleek shoe has become the definition of elegance for many women. The simplicity of pumps make them easy to match with any dress. They may come with ribbons or a bling, but even plain and colored ones are just as eye-catching.
  • Printed Tees – That floral printed shirt you have is never leaving the dress code. They’re fairly easy to match with most looks and can be worn for both formal and casual events when matched with the right items.
  • Pearl Necklace – Pearls take a considerable amount of time to form, so it’s only right that they stay in fashion for a good amount of time as well. They are simple and elegant without distracting the person you’re talking to. The perfect “icing on the cake” for a sophisticated look.

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