How to Dress Taller for Guys

There’s no way to look taller if you’re a short guy. Or is there? Chances are, a few savvy wardrobe choices can help you compensate.

First and foremost, there’s the rule above all rules: wear fitted clothes, period. If you’re a short guy, you’re doing yourself no favors at all by wearing baggy clothes since they “stretch” your image sideward instead of upward. If you wear an ill-fitted suit, for instance, you’ll look like a little boy in Daddy’s clothes and people likely wouldn’t take you seriously, since you look sloppy.

While it’s important that you “lengthen” your figure, you should also learn when to draw the line. Case in point: pants. You can easily tell if your pants are too long if there’s excess pooling of fabric around your ankles, which then pulls an observer’s eyes downward and makes you look shorter. Have your pants hemmed to the minimum break to avoid this issue.

Next, accessorize. To look taller, you need to draw people’s eyes up top. You can do that by accessorizing with hats, glasses, lapel/tie pins, and even pocket squares. Learn to draw the line here as well, since too much accessorizing would make you look eccentric rather than classy.

Lastly, never forget about the power of vertical lines. Create as much vertical and diagonal lines as possible, since the eye follows wherever those lines go. By now, you know where to take people’s eyes.


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