The Future of Vintage: Vintage and Thrift Stores are Going Global

Every fashionista relishes the idea of sifting through the racks at a vintage shop and discovering a one-of-a-kind piece that fills in a gap in her wardrobe. The problem is that not everyone has access to well-stocked secondhand shops. After all, a vintage store is only as good as the clothes that other people decide they don’t want anymore. In a town that is not known for its stylish locals, there may not be any consistently shoppable thrift stores.

The Internet presents the opposite problem. Online auction sites allow anyone to sell their used wares, resulting in an overabundance of pieces in bad condition or with little value. Digging through the endless search results to find a handful of decent items is hardly worth the effort.

Curated online thrift stores resolve both of these issues. These shops connect style lovers from all over the world, and they have staffers who select the items that go up for sale. Such stores do not accept anything and everything from people who wish to make a few dollars from their used clothing. Rather, these sites safeguard their reputations by presenting an artful selection of unique, lightly worn pieces for people who will wear them with love.

Many of these sites have streamlined the selling process as well. For instance, they feature a list of preferred brands and display their criteria for acceptable clothing. Some sites evne give sellers the option to request immediate payment (i.e. a certain percentage of the clothes’ retail value).


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