Buy or Sell Through Designer Resale and Online Consignment

If you like to wear current fashion styles, you probably change your wardrobe frequently. Shopping or selling at a designer resale establishment will allow you to maintain your reputation as being fashion forward.

Shopping or Selling Designer Resale

Shopping for designer purses, shoes, tops, pants and outerwear at a storefront allows you to see the merchandise prior to purchasing. You can try it on to ensure it fits properly. Check back frequently so you don’t miss a hot item. You can also sign up for notifications if you are looking for a particular designer. Staff at the store will contact you when items you like arrive.

As a seller you have options regarding how you want to sell merchandise. You may wish to sell your items on the spot, you will generally receive 30% of the value. Otherwise, consigning an item will net approximately 50%.

Shopping or Selling Online Consignment

Shopping online is convenient, because you can shop and have items shipped directly to your home. Online shopping allows merchandise to be available to a wider market. Regardless if you are a seller or buyer this option is attractive. As a seller, your items will turn over quickly. As a buyer, you constantly have access to new items for purchase.

Designer Resale and Online Consignment are two options that make it easy for you to stay in style. Many people shop and sell at the same time. The money they make by selling items allows them to purchase designer items to add to their wardrobe.


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