How to Prepare Designer Handbags for Consignment

When you are clearing out your closet of clothing and accessories that you have not used in a while, one great way to get back some of your investment is to do a resale of your exquisite designer handbags and accessories. Designer handbags are well-known for fetching a great sale price at specialty consignment stores. These tips will help you to prepare your handbags for designer resale.

Focus on Quality
Handbags that are only lightly used fetch the best prices for designer resale. Send only your best condition items for consideration to the consignment shop. Discerning shoppers want to know that they are getting a high quality piece that will hold up well and continue to look great.

Find Your Niche
Know what sells at the consignment store, as some specialize in specific designers or styles of accessories, like vintage or current pieces. Taking your handbags for designer resale at a place that focuses on designer pieces like yours will help to ensure that the field of potential customers are those who would actually be interested in a bag like yours.

Clean It
The most important factor after ensuring the quality of handbags that you are submitting for designer resale is to make sure that the bag is clean. Small bits of string, dust, paper or crumbs will be off-putting to potential buyers. Check for ink stains and other marks on the interior and bottom of the bag.


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