Choosing a Shop for Selling Through Consignment

Selling through consignment is an excellent way to make money while getting rid of items that you no longer want. Before you start selling, you must learn how to choose a shop properly to maximize your profits.

Check out the shop ahead of time
Once you’ve narrowed down a list of consignment stores in your area, visit them in person. Assess the look, feel, and appearance of each shop. If you couldn’t see yourself frequenting the shop, most likely people who are interested in your items wouldn’t shop there either. While you’re at the shop, pay attention to the condition of the merchandise, the merchandise displays, and the prices for comparable items.

Prioritize established retailers over brand new shops
Consignment is a tough business. Many shops only make it for a couple years. Whenever possible, consign with stores that have been operating for a minimum of three years.

Decide if the store is a good fit for your products
Selecting a consignment store that sells the same type of wares that you’re selling increases your chances of making sales. For example, if you’re selling high end women’s work clothing, a store that primarily sells hip hop clothing won’t be a good fit.

If you ever have any questions about selling through consignment, don’t hesitate to ask the consignment store. You should feel satisfied with the amount of money you receive as well as the transaction as a whole.



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