Use Your Three Senses for Consignment Success

When you’re finally finished cleaning out your closet, you feel so relieved! Now, it’s on to the consignment shop. Before you run to the car with your clothing, however, do a thorough check and prep. Here are a few quick tips that feature three of your senses. These will make your consignment or resale session much more profitable.


Lay your article of clothing flat on a clean surface in good lighting. Turn the garment over and visually check each surface of the garment for holes, subtle spots of discoloration, pills, loose threads, or fading. Pay particular attention to the lower torso and underarm area of tops, and between legs of pants.


Now, hang the garment up in good lighting. Start at the top of the garment and smooth your hands over the surface to check again. Pay particular attention to seams. Check the cuff of pants for wear. Gently brush the inside of any openings to check for strings that may hang out.


The last step is giving your clothing a good smell check. Ideally, your clothing should be odorless. In all events, each article of clothing should be free of cigarette smoke, musty odors, or heavy perfumes. At this point, you may decide to hang the clothing out in fresh air, or take it to be professionally dry cleaned (always a great idea!)

Once you have determined your articles of clothing to be in fabulous shape, hang them properly on hangers, make sure they are wrinkle-free when you get to the store.



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