Use Your Three Senses for Consignment Success

When you’re finally finished cleaning out your closet, you feel so relieved! Now, it’s on to the consignment shop. Before you run to the car with your clothing, however, do a thorough check and prep. Here are a few quick tips that feature three of your senses. These will make your consignment or resale session much more profitable.
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How to Prepare Designer Handbags for Consignment

When you are clearing out your closet of clothing and accessories that you have not used in a while, one great way to get back some of your investment is to do a resale of your exquisite designer handbags and accessories. Designer handbags are well-known for fetching a great sale price at specialty consignment stores. These tips will help you to prepare your handbags for designer resale.
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How to Dress Taller for Guys

There’s no way to look taller if you’re a short guy. Or is there? Chances are, a few savvy wardrobe choices can help you compensate.

First and foremost, there’s the rule above all rules: wear fitted clothes, period. If you’re a short guy, you’re doing yourself no favors at all by wearing baggy clothes since they “stretch” your image sideward instead of upward. If you wear an ill-fitted suit, for instance, you’ll look like a little boy in Daddy’s clothes and people likely wouldn’t take you seriously, since you look sloppy. Continue reading